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/Read Me: The Stack It Blog


Great to see STACK-iT Series shelving serving its duty as a spectacular Storage Solution. Just look at that line up of Skis!!  

STACK-iT STACK-iT Series racking @Van Roli

Van Roli

Van Roli was an interesting project, the team had to extend our own product to greater heights! There was even some engineering involved in Joining the uprights together to make sure that it was safe to extend the current racks.  

STACK-iT Cantilever @ AJ Scott

AJ Scott Construction

The STACK-iT Team relocated this rack from AJ Scott’s old building to their new building, and it looks right at home in their new Build.  

TUMU iTM Masterton

Check out TUMU iTM Masterton’s new store that STACK-iT recently fitted out. STACK-iT supplied and installed all of the below: Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking, Retail shelving, Designed, supplied and installed a cantilever rack with a roof structure Relocated their double level moulding rack and Relocated all

The Metal Company Blemheim

STACK-iT recently completed the complete racking fitout for  The Metal Company’s (TMC) new distribution center in Blenheim. The project included supply and installing Heavy duty cantilever racking with guide rails for a Multi-directional hubtex forklift and STACK-iT’s 6000 series pallet racking. Alot

EH BALL ITM – Invercargill

The sweet smell of success! STACK-iT have recently completed an installation of Heavy duty cantilever racking at EH Ball iTM in Invercargill. The customized ITM colours never cease to impress our customers and iTM’s customers. The installation took place while the store was

HCB Technology

Another Brilliant install the STACK-iT Team completed! As per our mission: New Zealands prefferred storage consultants delivering innovative solutions tailored to our customers requirements from Concept to completion. STACK-iT delivered this project from concept to completion. We assisted HCB through the design

Southern Lakes ITM

The Envy of all ITM Branches and the talk of the town! This complete Storage Solutions fit-out in the new build was an excellent project. STACK-iT Products: Retail Display shelving & specialised Retail Shelving Display Cabinet, Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking &


The STACK-iT Team worked in chilling degrees to successfully install this 6000 Series Pallet Racking into Westfleet’s Coolstore. Amazing Effort Team!


A relocation of existing racking and installation of new 6000 Series Pallet Racking. Great Effort by the Installation Team for its successful completion!


A successful Fit-out of STACK-iT Series Shelving with varying configurations to suit the clients’ requirements!


There’s no limits with STACK-iT’s great product range! Here we have a Pallet Racking Vertical Conduit Rack, specifically designed for storage of aluminium.


A smart little 4-post Medium Duty Single-Sided Cantilever Rack installed in Ullrich Aluminium’s Whangarei Branch, complete with 1500mm Arms and bases. The Perfect storage solution for Aluminium Extrusions! The Cantilever Storage System is becoming a popular replacement of the Traditional


A Medium Duty 4-post Single Sided Cantilever Rack Installed by the STACK-iT Team!

Probuild ITM

A Squat Cantilever Rack with 1200mm Long arms – specifically configured to fit the space! Out with the Pallet Racking – In with the Cantilever!


Taking STACK-iT’s brilliant Product Range to a whole new level! Single or double sided cantilever conduit racks are excellent for efficient storage with adjustable arms heights allowing for up to 8 arms. Removable slip pins stop product rolling off. Now you


New Zealand’s Leading Storage Experts are pleased to bring to the market the latest & All new **ROLLER REEL RACK** Storage Solution!  Heavy duty roller reel rack designed for simple and safe winding. Double bearing rollers ensure effortless rolling even of