BNT Palmerston North

Project: Ensuring Safe Storage for BNT PALMERSTON NORTH


BNT PALMERSTON NORTH, a part of BNT Automotive, is a leading automotive parts specialist in New Zealand with a remarkable history spanning over 60 years. Known for supplying the New Zealand aftermarket with an extensive range of automotive products, BNT Automotive is a name that stands for quality and service. 

The company’s origins trace back to manufacturing brake components for both the automotive trade and OEM operations in New Zealand. Today, no other automotive supplier in New Zealand can match BNT’s history and the depth of staff technical knowledge that they possess. With 60 branches strategically located throughout the country, BNT PALMERSTON NORTH and its sister companies are uniquely positioned to service the diverse needs of the New Zealand automotive trade.

Where: Palmerston North


BNT PALMERSTON NORTH were concerned about pallets falling through during the unloading and loading processes. This presented not only a safety concern but also an operational challenge as it impeded efficient movement within the storage area.


To address this safety and operational challenge, BNT PALMERSTON NORTH sought a solution that would not only prevent pallets from falling through but also create a safe walkway between the racks. The solution was implemented with precision, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Products Specified:

For this project, BNT PALMERSTON NORTH turned to STACK-iT’s expertise and opted for our reliable 5000 Series Pallet Racking with Mesh Backing Panels. This choice was a perfect fit, as it not only resolved the issue of falling pallets but also allowed for the creation of a secure walkway within the storage area.

At  STACK-iT, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions that address unique challenges. Contact us to explore how we can optimise your storage and enhance safety in your operational processes.