Clealands Timber

Project: Expanding Warehouse Storage for Clealands Timber

Who: Clealands Timber

About the Client:

With roots dating back to 1916 in the timber industry, Clealands Timber has established itself as a prominent player with a rich history. Their experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, specialising in manufacturing building and finishing products from solid and finger-jointed timber. Clealands Timber takes pride in producing a wide range of premium quality New Zealand-made products, including Weatherboard systems, Fascia, Window Reveals, Door Jambs, and laminated structural Beams and Posts.

Dedicated to providing a quality service, Clealands Timber stands out for its flexibility in order quantities. They don’t impose a minimum order quantity, allowing customers the freedom to request a single length for one project and a full pack for another.

Where: New Plymouth


Clealands Timber faced the challenge of increasing their warehouse storage capacity in New Plymouth. As a company deeply rooted in the timber industry, efficient storage was crucial to managing a diverse range of products.


To address the challenge of expanding warehouse storage capacity, Clealands Timber collaborated with STACK-iT. The result was the implementation of a Cantilever Rack System, a solution that not only met their current storage needs but also provided the flexibility to add another row of storage in their shed.

Products Specified:

For this project, STACK-iT specified our robust Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System. This system optimised storage for Clealands Timber, allowing them to efficiently organise and access their extensive range of building and finishing products.