Cookes Ltd – Timaru

Project: Innovative Storage Solution for Cookes Ltd – Timaru

Who: Cookes Ltd – Timaru

About the Client:

Cookes Ltd – Timaru is an integral part of Cookes, a name deeply intertwined with New Zealand’s history. For over a century, Cookes products have played a crucial role in the country’s heavy lifting, hauling, hoisting, trawling, digging, and more. As the New Zealand brand of Bridon Bekaert, the Ropes Group, Cookes is a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales, testing, and inspection of steel wire, synthetic fibre ropes, and lubricants.

With over 100 years of experience, Cookes is the leading lifting and total service solutions provider to various markets, including Crane & Construction, Forestry, Fishing & Aquaculture, Engineering & Energy, Transport & Shipping, Earthmoving, Agriculture & Horticulture. They are the country’s foremost industrial and commercial solutions provider, offering international quality with a local touch.

Where: Timaru


Cookes Ltd – Timaru faced a challenge related to safe storage. Ensuring the secure and organised storage of their diverse range of industrial products was crucial for the efficient operation of their Timaru branch.


To address the challenge of safe storage, Cookes Ltd – Timaru partnered with STACK-iT to provide an innovative storage solution. The implementation involved the use of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking with a reel rack and the versatile 6000 Series Pallet Racking. This solution not only enhanced the safety of storage but also optimised the organisation of products for the Timaru branch of Bridon Cookes.

Products Specified:

For this project, STACK-iT specified a combination of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking with a reel rack and the heavy duty 6000 Series Pallet Racking. This tailored solution reflects the commitment to safety and efficiency for Cookes Ltd – Timaru.

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