Storage Bins

Storage bins are an effective way to keep your workspace, tidy and organized. At STACK-iT we stock a large range of storage bins, as we see them as an integral part of keeping a workspace tidy and organized. Our small bins are ideal for storing your nuts, bolts, screw and other small parts that easily get lost otherwise. Our bigger bins work best for larger items, however, we have dividers available which allow you to divide the larger bins into small spaces.

Types of Storage Bins

We have 15 different sizes of storage bins available, and 5 of them are stackable. Our storage bins are split into two ranges; the SB range and the SS range. Our SB ranges include bins suitable to hang on louvre panels to create a wall-mounted part store. The SB range is particularly popular with plumbers and electricians to create storage for their vans. The SS range can not hang on the Louvre panels, so are best used directly on shelving. The most popular sizes are the SB3’s and the SB4’s, both of which are stackable and have dividers to suit. The SB range is available in both red and blue, whereas the SS range is available in just blue. Should you require a custom colour, please contact us and we can help!

Stack iT


Available in a large range of size for any application

Adaptable for work van storage

Perfect for keeping your workstation organized

To complement our shelving range we offer a selection of plastic bins. These bins are ideal for housing small parts for example nuts, bolts and screws. We offer a range of 15 different sizes to suit you individual needs. In addition 5 of the sizes are stackable therefore allowing you to configure to your space, and dividers are available for most of the range. We also offer 2 sizes of our “wall mounted parts store” which involve a selection of our bins hung on a steel louvre panel which can then be secured to a wall for easy access. We also offer bin systems for work vans where bins are mounted on a light steel frame which sits in the back of the van therefore ensuring that all parts and equipment are neatly stored and contained during travel to and from job destinations. To find out more download our storage bin spec sheet below or contact us via 0800 7822 548 or [email protected]

Download Spec Sheet

Why Choose Storage Bins in New Zealand at Stack-iT?

STACK-iT’s Storage Bins are the ideal solution for organizing your workspace and increasing your efficiency. By implementing a system of storage bins in your workspace you will benefit from increased productivity, this is because everything has its own dedicated space meaning you spend less time digging through a jumbled mess to find a lost part. Our range of Storage Bins works seamlessly in combination with our STACK-iT Series shelving to create a storage solution to maximise your space. Our bins are made from high-quality plastic, making them very durable and with the large range that we offer, we have the solution for almost any situation. Contact us today or shop online for Storage Bins to organize your workspace.



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