Te Papa Museum

Who: Te Papa Museum

New Zealand’s National Museum, Te Papa, first opened in 1998 and holds much of New Zealand’s history and many of its treasures.

Where: Wellington


Te Papa Museum approached us with a very unique storage challenge. Their store room holds various different skeletons and taxidermied animals ranging from a whales skull to an impala. They needed a rack that was strong enough to suspend an articulated whale skeleton from and still have capacity to store other skeletons.


Being one of the most versatile and heavy-duty racking systems, our Heavy Duty Cantilever was the best option. The cantilevered arms gave Te Papa a mounting space to suspend the whale skeleton from, whilst also creating a storage level free from vertical obstructions. By investing in this storage solution, they can ensure safe keeping of such fragile pieces for years to come.

Products Specified: Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

STACK-iT’s Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking is businesses first choice when it comes to storage of long length or varying length product and items. It is a self supporting system which can be bolted to the floor. One of the key benefits of this racking system is it modular design. Extra bays can simply be added on with minimal disruption to operations. Find out more here.

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