B&D Doors Christchurch

Project: Expanding Warehouse Storage for B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH


B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH is a part of the B&D Group NZ, a company with a strong presence in the manufacturing industry, with plants in Auckland and Christchurch, and a dedicated workforce of approximately 90 employees. Operating under local New Zealand management, the company is known for its proactive approach to market demands. B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH forms part of the B&D Group, which includes B&D Doors (Australia) Pty and Automatic Technologies Australia Pty (ATA), a leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of garage door, gate, and commercial opener products. In New Zealand, they market their products through nationwide dealer networks under the Garador and Dominator brands.

Where: Christchurch


B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH faced the challenge of increasing their warehouse storage capacity in Christchurch. With a reputation for delivering top-quality products and serving a wide market, they needed a solution that could accommodate their growing inventory efficiently and effectively.


To meet the challenge of expanding warehouse storage capacity, B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH partnered with STACK-iT. After a thorough evaluation, the solution was clear: the installation of our 5000 Series Pallet Racking. This choice aligns perfectly with B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH’s commitment to quality and efficiency, ensuring their warehouse can support their operations seamlessly.

Products Specified:

For this project, we recommended our 5000 Series Pallet Racking. This robust racking system is designed to maximise storage space while maintaining the durability needed to withstand the demands of a high-quality product manufacturer like B&D DOORS CHRISTCHURCH.

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