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Having the correct shelving in your retail space is important, as not only does it help to organize and showcase your products, but it plays a significant role in creating a welcoming shopping environment for your customers. To accommodate changing product displays, trends or seasonal promotions, our shelves can be easily adjusted and reconfigured, ensuring maximum flexibility and versatility. Additionally, STACK-iT offers an extensive range of retail shelving accessories and addons, as well as customisable colours and varying sizes which allow you to create a unique customized look that reflects your brand. The versatility and adaptability of our retail shelving range gives you the freedom to showcase your products in a way that suits your brand and your customers.

bENEFITS OF Retail & Display Shelving

Within a retail space, efficient and effective shelving layouts and configurations are important in view of allowing customers to easily navigate the store and locate the products they are looking for. As well as improving customer satisfaction, a well-designed shelving layout and configuration can help businesses in the retail sector to optimize their inventory and reduce operational costs by ensuring that products are organized in a logical and efficient manner. STACK-iT offers a wide range of flexible and customizable options for retail shelving, such as height, colours and accessories. These options allow retailers to tailor their shelving to fit their unique needs and requirements and create their ultimate retail space, ensuring they are able to provide a better customer experience than their competitors. For businesses looking for a well-designed retail shelving system that can help to maximise floor space, improve product visibility, and enhance the overall customer experience to create a lasting impression, STACK-iT’s built to last retail shelving system is for you.

Stack iT


Suited for trade shop and retail environments

Easy to assemble

Price competitive

Our gondola style retail shelving is especially popular with stores that cater to the trade & retail audience. Shelves can sit against the wall or be set up as islands that allow customers to browse down the isles and select their product. When it comes to retail, aesthetics are a key factor. We offer our shelving in either Arctic white or Dove grey, both of which compliment the airy, well-lit atmosphere that helps to encourage sales. Standard units come with four shelves that narrow at the top for a more attractive display. For practical purposes, our retail shelves are easily accessorized with label holders, wire product restrainers and peg board backs for hanging bagged items. Installation is bolt-free and simply involves clipping the units together. Once assembled, the shape of the units makes them very stable so they do not need to be bolted to the floor. It’s a simple, affordable solution that looks great, and it works! This is a retail or display system that ticks all the boxes. To find out more download our retail shelving spec sheet below or contact us via 0800 7822 548 or [email protected]

Download Spec Sheet

SeriesDepthHeightLengthShelf Capacity Colour
Single sided Starter bay unit525mm1400, 1700, 2000, 2300mm915mm100kg
Shelf capacities are indications only. The actual capacity may vary. An engineer’s assessment of your shelf configuration and ground conditions are required to establish actual capacity. Please contact us if you wish to obtain an assessment.
Ghost Grey, Artic White
Single sided Add-on bay unit
End bay - base shelf only
End bay - with shelves
Double sided Starter bay unit915mm
Double sided Add-on bay unit

why choose stack-it retail & display shelving?

With its modular design, variety of accessories, and ease of assembly, STACK-iT’s retail shelving system is a great choice for any retailer looking to create a standout display that attracts and engages customers.


Our retail shelving is designed to be highly versatile and customizable, providing customers with the ability to easily adjust and reconfigure their shelving system as product lines change or their business evolves.



Our retail shelving is built to last, made from high-quality materials ensuring that it remains durable and long-lasting.


The wide range of accessories within the retail shelving system ensures that businesses can create a unique and personalized display, enhancing their brand identity as they stand out from their competitors.


Over the years STACK-iT has worked with many retail businesses within New Zealand and are able to provide you with guidance and advice as what is the best solution for you. Contact us today to optimize your retail space and create a better customer experience.

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