Dysart ITM

Who: Dysart ITM

Dysart Timbers was first established in 1976 and has operated from the same premises for nearly 40 years. Now family owned it first joined the ITM group in 2006 to ensure that their customers got the best price and product selection.

Where: Glenn Innes, Auckland


As an ever-growing company Dysart ITM was pushed to their storage limit with their current racking layout. Their site had multiple different entrances which we had to work with and a drain we had to work around. They not only wanted new racking, but they also required a new layout to ensure their space was maximised and customers could flow smoothly through the site.


We worked with Dysart ITM to determine the best racking layout, we then recommended our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking, due to its durability and efficiency. Cantilever Racking is the most common storage solution long lengths of product, in this case timber. The lack of vertical obtrusions allows storage of various different lengths without wasted space, therefore maximising the available space.

Products Specified: Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Heavy duty cantilever racking maximises selectability when storing long length products, by providing the capability to s without any vertical obstructions. This also the process of picking stock less labour intensive and more efficient. Our heavy duty system is made from roll formed steel which is engineered to withstand heavy loads making it a very durable storage solution, which is important to provide a safe workspace. We have a range of heights available and can customize to ensure your space is maximised to its fullest potential. Find out more here.

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