Heavy Duty Workbenches

Our Heavy-Duty Workbenches are best suited to warehouse and factory situations, the Heavy-Duty workbenches are available in both mobile and static depending on your requirements. They are constructed from our industrial grade 5000 Series Pallet Racking and are capable of heavy loads on both the mobile and static configuration. Workbenches can help improve factory organization as they allow you to have a dedicated workspace where you can keep all the required tools and parts for your job in one area.

Benefits of industrial heavy duty workbenches


As our Heavy-Duty workbenches are constructed from our 5000 Series Pallet Racking components, they are very durable. The mobile Heavy-Duty workbenches have 150mm braked castors which are capable of 400kg per castor, making them suitable for factory situations.


Available in both mobile and static STACK-iT’s Heavy-Duty workbenches are a very versatile option for a business with changing needs. The mobile workbenches can easily be moved to different areas of your workshop to suit the job you are working on. Both the mobile and static versions have an adjustable shelf that can be moved up or down to accommodate different-sized tools/products.

Workspace customisation

We offer two different lengths and depths in our Heavy-Duty workbenches, meaning you can customize them to suit your space. We can custom-build workbenches should your requirements fall outside of our standard range. The Mobile workbench can also be used to maximise your area by being used to create separate workstations within a workspace.


Stack iT


Capable of holding up to 1200kg

Heavy duty braked castors

Steel skins available

Why buy a Mobile Workbench?

A mobile workbench is a valuable investment for individuals or professionals in various fields. Its portability and versatility make it a practical addition to any workspace. With a mobile workbench, you gain the freedom to easily move it around, transforming any area into a functional workspace. This convenience is especially beneficial for those working in limited or changing environments, such as construction sites, workshops, or small home garages.

The sturdy construction ensures durability and stability, accommodating a wide range of tasks and projects. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a professional craftsman, or an industrial worker, a mobile workbench offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency, making it an indispensable asset for tackling projects of all sizes and complexities.

Heavy Duty Mobile Workbench

Heavy Duty Workbenches in New Zealand at Stack-iT

STACK-iT’s industrial-grade Heavy-Duty workbenches are a safe, durable and versatile solution to your factory requirements. Their durability means they are built to withstand everyday use for years to come. The versatility of them allows you to customize them and shift them around as your business grows and changes. We are a trusted provider of Storage Solutions throughout New Zealand, and this is reflected by feedback from one of our customers – “They provide solid, good quality racking systems for all applications at affordable prices”. Contact the friendly team at STACK-iT today to find your perfect workbench and organize your workspace!


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