STACK-iT Storage Solutions offers a wide range of shelving options to suit everyone from the office to the garage to the warehouse. All of our systems are industrial grade and come in either a high-quality powder coated or galvanized finish designed to stand the test of time. Our most popular shelving system is the STACK-iT Series, it is very diverse system, which is not only suited to the home garage, but also warehouses and retail stores.


STACK-iT Series

The STACK-iT Series shelving is the perfect solution for businesses that need to maximize their space. It can comfortably hold 300-400kg per shelf level making it a very durable, safe and efficient storage system. Our STACK-iT Series shelving comes in a variety of industry standard depths and lengths, so you can easily find the right size to fit your needs.



Retail shelving is a crucial component for any retail business, allowing them to maximize their storage space and display items aesthetically, safely and effectively. With our Retail shelving, retailers can choose from a wide range of industry standard sizes and depths to ensure they find the solution that fits their needs perfectly.


DR Series

The DR (Double Rivet) Series from STACK-iT is an incredibly easy-to-assemble shelving system crafted from powder coated steel and MDF boards. It can comfortably hold up to 100kg per shelf and has a simplistic yet elegant ‘bullet grey’ finish, making it ideal for either office or commercial use. It is the perfect choice for garages and other small applications.

Office Shelving


Office shelving is an essential part of any office space, providing both storage and organization. STACK-iT’s office shelving offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to optimize their workspace. The adaptable, customizable design allows you to choose from various depths and lengths, so you can find the perfect size to fit your exact needs.

What are the benefits of a Shelving System for your business?

STACK-iT Series

When implemented in a warehouse or retail area, our STACK-iT Series Shelving brings about many benefits. It allows business owners to display their product in an organized and orderly manner, this not only improves the customer experience, but it also means employees waste less time searching for a particular product.

Retail Shelving

Available in custom colours to suit your brand the Retail Shelving system which we offer, gives businesses the opportunity to build their brand through and provide great customer experience. Products are displayed neatly and can be easily found and accessed by the customer.

DR Series Shelving

Our DR Series Shelving is the ideal, cost-effective, high-quality storage solution for your garage. Once installed the benefits are obvious, items which used to previously clutter your garage can be stored up on the shelves and out of the way of potential damage. We have designed kits from this system specifically for garage spaces. You can find them under our ‘Garage Shelving Kits’.

Office Shelving

STACK-iT’s Office Shelving is an adaptable shelving system which can be used in both offices and warehouses. In the Office it is particularly suited to file storage, and the open face shelves allow you to easily locate what you are looking for. When used with our Storage Bin range it provides excellent organization for small parts in a warehouse situation.


Recent Shelving Projects



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