STACK-iT Series Shelving

Our STACK-iT Series shelving is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. It is an industrial grade shelving system, which is also commonly known as longspan shelving. It is important for businesses to have a storage solution that maximizes their space because the right shelving setup can help to improve warehouse efficiency and safety. Our STACK-iT Series shelving comes in a variety of industry standard depths (450, 600, 900mm) and lengths (1000, 1500, 2000mm), however as we know that sometimes the standard does not optimize the space, custom configurations are available on indent.

Why implement warehouse shelving in your workplace?

Implementing warehouse shelving, like our STACK-iT Series shelving in your workspace has many advantages. For one, warehouse shelving increases your storage capacity as you are able to take things off the floor and utilize your often under-utilized vertical space as well. In turn by storing your products on shelves as opposed to the floorspace, you reduce the hazard of somebody tripping over something stored on the floor. Storing your products on shelving can also reduce damage, this is because they are elevated away from main walkways and workspaces where they could have previously incurred damage from passing machinery. Additionally, warehouse shelving enhances workplace efficiency by optimizing product organization, resulting in smoother running of operations. 

“It has helped us to be more organized, efficient and also help present our product rack in a more presentable layout that is easy to see & recognize quickly. From a service point of view, it has helped with our inventory layout, helping our service to be quicker & accurate.”

Stack iT

STACK-iT Series Shelving

Sturdy and robust

Modular system allowing endless configurations

An economic solutions for the warehouse, garage or office storage

Perfect for goods that are stored by hand, the STACK-iT Series design is based on the pallet racking concept. STACK-iT Series shelving comes in a range of lengths and heights which means the system can be tailored to fit the measurements of your particular warehouse space. The STACK-iT Series shelving is constructed from powder coated steel framing and MDF boards for a sturdy and strong finish. The MDF boards slot into rebated steel beams, making the whole structure automatically square and straight. The system takes just minutes to assemble and once complete is easily lifted and moved into place. Should your storage requirements increase, simply add on another bay to extend the unit. Our most popular product, the STACK-iT Series shelving solves the storage needs of a wide range of businesses & warehouses. Some of our customers have included dentists, car parts wholesalers, lawyers, oil shops, taxidermists, plumbers, electricians, manufacturers, importers, clothing shops and more. To find out more download our STACK-iT Series shelving spec sheet below or contact us via 0800 7822 548 or [email protected]

Download Spec Sheet

SeriesDepthHeightLengthBoard Thickness Colour Capacity per shelf
452450mm1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000mm1000, 1500, 2000mm18mmBlue & Orange300kg
Shelves vertically adjustable in 50mm increments.
Shelf capacities are indications only. The actual capacity may vary. An engineer’s assessment of your shelf configuration and ground conditions are required to establish actual capacity. Please contact us if you wish to obtain an assessment.

Benefits of Warehouse Storage Shelving

The main benefits in investing in a warehouse shelving system for your workplace are improved organization, increased operational efficiency and reduced workspace hazards. 

Improved organization

Warehouse shelving allows you to improve the organization of your workplace, this makes tasks like picking orders and doing stocktake a breeze!


Increase operations efficiency

Through improving your organization with shelving, you effectively increase your efficiency as everything has its place and can always be found.

Reduced workspace hazards

When everything is organized and up off the floor, you reduce the risk of anyone being harmed by tripping or falling over loose items in the workspace.


Contact STACK-iT today to find out more about how we can help you to optimize your workplace storage.


What is your STACK-iT Series shelving constructed from?

Our STACK-iT Series warehouse shelving system is constructed from durable powder coated steel. We source our shelf boards locally and they are a 18mm thick high quality MDF board.

Can you help me choose the right warehouse shelving for my needs?

Absolutely, we have a very helpful team who are always keen to provide you with guidance and advice as to how you can best maximise your space.

What is the weight limit of your STACK-iT Series shelving?

With our STACK-iT Series shelving we recommend storing no more than 300-400kg per shelf level. However, this is an indication only. The actual capacity may vary. An engineer’s assessment of your shelf configuration can be obtained to establish the actual capacity. Please contact us if your wish to obtain an assessment.

How long does it take to install warehouse shelving?
  • This depends on the amount of shelving you require. Our STACK-iT Series shelving is a very easy to assemble system and doesn’t require professional help to assemble. Assembly videos can be found on the ‘Resources’ page on our website. Feel free to give us a call if you require more assistance.
How do I place an order for a shelving unit?

We have some shelving units available for purchase through our online shop, however it is not the full range. We recommend you contact us via email or phone if you can’t see what you are after or if you require advice on what you require.


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     by Mike Lawler
    Great team!

    Really pleased with the racking. A Great team you have, professional, friendly and they did a great job in tidying up after. Really appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you again in the next one.

     by Steve Walker

    I got all the shelving and bench installed really quickly. It’s such a fantastic easy to put together system you guys have, and super strong. It looks great to have all my gear sorted on it. Thanks so much for all your help