STACK-iT Series Shelving

Warehouse shelving that is cost effective. An economic solution for the warehouse, workshop or office storage.

DR Series Shelving

An all-new boltless shelving system, our DR series shelves clip together in minutes to create the perfect solution for office and archive storage.

Storage Rack

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking, Shelving & Storage. Heavy duty adaptable racking represents excellent value for money.

Heavy Duty Cantilever

Store your extrusions, pipes, steel or other long length products with ease and efficiency.

Medium Duty Cantilever

Fresh to the market – a brilliant solution for lightweight, long length product

Retail Shelving

Retail shelving provides practical and attractive gondola style displays.

STACK-iT Workbenches

We offer a range of sturdy workbenches and assembly tables, available separately or in combination with our shelving and industrial storage systems.

StackIt Storage Rack

Office Shelving

Office shelving Versatile and pleasing to the eye, Stackit rolled edge shelving offers an attractive solution for office storage.

Storage Solution

Plastic Storage Bins

Stacking storage bins in a range of sizes are ideal for keeping small items neat and organised.


STACK-iT Magni-Labels

The quick and easy labelling solution for your shop, office or warehouse.