Box of M175 Magni Labels (QTY: 75)



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  • 75 labels: 100mm x 75mm
  • Self-Adhesive
  • White-Board Surface
  • Easily Removable
  • Leaves no residue
  • Ideal for Pallet Racking, Long span, Retail Shelving, Metal Office Shelving, File Cabinets or any other metal surface


Optimize your organizational strategy with the Box of M175 Magni Labels, a comprehensive set of 75 labels, each sized at 100mm x 75mm. These magnetic, white-board surfaced labels are tailored for the dynamic needs of New Zealand businesses, offering a reliable and flexible method to categorize and identify items swiftly. Designed for universal application, they adhere flawlessly to surfaces such as pallet racking, long-span shelving, retail shelving, and metal office shelving, as well as file cabinets and other metal surfaces. 

The M175 Magni Labels stand out for their easy removability, ensuring that they can be relocated or removed without leaving behind any residue, thereby preserving the cleanliness and professionalism of your storage areas. Ideal for streamlining warehouse management, retail organization, or office tidiness, these labels are an indispensable tool for maintaining an orderly environment.

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