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  • 370 deep x 210 wide x 180 mm high
  • Plastic Construction
  • Capable of Hanging on Louvre Panel
  • Stackable – Pegs Included
  • Removable Label Holder
  • Dividers Available
  • Available in Blue & Red


Maximize your storage efficiency with the SB3 Parts Bin, expertly engineered to meet the storage demands of various New Zealand workplaces. The SB3 boasts generous dimensions of 370mm in depth, 210mm in width, and 180mm in height, crafted from durable plastic for long-lasting use. This bin is designed to seamlessly integrate into any workspace, capable of hanging on louvre panels for easy access and excellent space utilization.

Further enhancing its versatility, the SB3 is stackable, with pegs provided, allowing for a tailored storage solution that conserves valuable floor space. It features a removable label holder for straightforward content identification and is compatible with dividers, enabling you to organize and separate different items effectively. Available in distinctive blue and red colors, the SB3 Parts Bin aids in creating an organized, efficient, and visually coordinated storage system, suitable for workshops, warehouses, and retail environments.

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