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  • 600 (D) x 225 (W) x 90 mm (H)
  • Plastic Construction
  • Removable Label Holder
  • Dividers Available
  • Available in Blue

The SS3 Parts Bin is perfect for a range of businesses and industries, including automotive and engineering. The tough plastic construction can withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring your parts stay secure and organised. With more depth than other sizes this is perfect for a range of businesses across different industries, this plastic storage bin is sure to help keep your inventory organised.

The adaptability of the SS3 Parts Bin extends to its use across various environments, from classrooms and offices to workshops and warehouses, making it a universally appealing storage option. Its dimensions and structure are particularly suited to maintaining order in spaces where small to medium-sized components are frequently used and need to remain readily accessible. Additionally, the presence of a removable label holder aids in the categorization and retrieval process, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Why buy from STACK-iT in New Zealand?

At STACK-iT, we offer a range of sizes of bins perfect for all types of businesses. Not only that but our durable plastic construction provides excellent long-term strength and durability. With competitive prices and superior customer service, you can trust us to provide the best possible products with peace of mind. So, get your SS3 Parts Bin today and start keeping your inventory organised!


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