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The best solution for Electrical Industry Storage

For over 10 years STACK-iT has had experience in advising and supplying storage racks to the electrical industry. In these 10 years we have grown to be the leading supplier of conduit racks to the industry, working closely with industry leaders such as Radcliffe Electrical. Our team has expertise in the best flow for yards and warehouses, which allows us to provide you with a solution that will transform your space and increase your efficiency.

From our broad range of storage solutions, the key systems which STACK-iT recommends for conduit storage is our Medium Duty Cantilever Racking.

Radcliffe Electrical Cantilever Racking

Recommended Storage Solutions

Radcliffe Electrical Cantilever Racking

Medium Duty Cantilever Racking

STACK-iT’s Medium Duty Cantilever Racking is the ideal storage solution for lengths of conduit. It has been specifically designed to ensure loading flexibility and stand the test of time. Being a modular system, it also allows you to easily expand your storage capacity as your business grows. The most common pipe rack set up is 4 Post Medium Duty Cantilever Rack with slip pins. A 4 Post Unit with 1500mm post spacing gives you an overall rack length of approximately 4500mm, allowing for overhang and making loading easy. Although our arms are designed with a slight angle to them, slip pins which slot into the end of the arms act as a stopper to prevent bundles of conduit rolling of the rack. If your product is flimsy we would recommend going to 900mm post spacings, as this will provide more support and prevent product damage. Should you require more weight capacity we also have a Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking system which is designed to store heavier loads.

Benefits of Great Storage

Having an effective storage solution in your business is essential to ensuring your operations run smoothly and safely.

A Cantilever Racking system will help to organize your inventory, which is a key part of making your customer’s shopping experience successful. An organized inventory also ensures that stock take is more accurate which allows you to make better purchasing decisions.

Safety is paramount in any business, and by investing in a storage solution such as Cantilever Racking you can safely store your product in a way which decreases the risk of accidents in the workplace. For example, when conduit is stored on a racking system it is less likely to fall than when stacked, such falls could result in damage to staff, customers, or other stock.

Why choose Stack-iT Shelving in New Zealand? 

STACK-iT is a leading provider of conduit storage solutions across New Zealand. We will work with you to understand your requirements and goals to ensure that the racking and shelving you invest in is tailored for you. At STACK-iT our racking systems are perfect for conduit storage and are designed to stand the test of time. They are made from high quality materials which meet local racking compliance requirements (subject to a site specific PS1 design certificate). Contact us today to see how we can maximize your space and increase operations efficiency through a tailored storage solution.