Racking and Shelving Christchurch

STACK-iT’s main warehouse is based in Christchurch and our mission is to deliver innovative storage solutions, tailored to your requirements from concept to completion. We enjoy working with local Christchurch customers to maximise your storage space whether it be a warehouse fit-out or a garage shelving set up.

Christchurch’s Projects

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Rangiora ITM

With Rangiora ITM’s recent move to larger premises, they required a storage solution to ensure maximum operations efficiency. We were able to work with them to design and install a store layout which ensured a smooth flow of customers through their drive-through. Cantilever racking was recommended in this situation as it is the most space-efficient way to store long-length ideas (such as timber and gib board). Custom coloured racking as well as the shelving in the retail area created a great brand feel throughout the whole store.

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Leedsafe who pride themselves on Same Day Dispatch came to us with a requirement for an efficient warehouse pallet racking fit which would allow their operations to fulfil their commitment to the customer. We supplied and installed our 5000 Series Pallet Racking which is ideal for warehouse environments. Lighter weight shelving was also required for their smaller products, for which we supplied our industrial-grade STACK-iT Series Shelving.

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Potters Interiors

When Potters Interiors approached us with a requirement for easy and efficient storage and picking of their extrusions, we had the perfect solution. Vertical Moulding racks, also known as A-Frame racks. The design of our Vertical Moulding racks maximised the height of Potters warehouse area while keeping the footprint relatively small. The design of them also makes the extrusions, bolts and mouldings very visible and accessible, improving the ease of picking orders.

STACK-iT’s Storage Solutions

STACK-iT offers our full range of racks and shelving for Christchurch’s customers. These include Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking, Moulding Racks, Shelving, Garage Shelving, Workbenches, Heavy Duty Workbenches, Storage Bins and Retail Shelving.

Racking Solutions

STACK-iT offers two Pallet Racking systems, our 5000 Series Pallet Racking and the 6000 Series Pallet Racking.


5000 Series

Our 5000 Series Pallet Racking is compatible with Dexion style pallet racking and is recommended for most warehouse environments.


6000 Series

Our 6000 Series Pallet Racking is generally preferred in higher seismic zones such as Christchurch and higher racking installations.

Pallet Racking Accessories


We also have a range of Accessories available for both Pallet Racking systems, such as End Bay Protectors, Post Protectors, Support Bars, Mesh Backing and Coil Rack/Cable Drum Brackets.

Shelving Solutions

STACK-iT stocks four shelving solutions for various different applications. The shelving products of Stack-It are constructed from high-quality materials that make them long-span shelving and fit customers’ requirements from standard storage shelves to heavy-duty needs.

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STACK-iT Series Shelving

Our STACK-iT Series Shelving is our most popular shelving system, it is industrial grade product and particularly suited for small warehouse applications and home garages.


Retail Shelving

Retail Shelving is most often used in Dairies, Trade stores and other retail areas.


DR Series

Our DR Series shelving is a lighter system and is recommended for garage, workshop and office applications.

Office Shelving

Office/Panel Shelving

Our Office Shelving, also known as Panel Shelving is ideal for storage of books and files. It is also used in warehouse areas in combination with bins to create a small parts storage solution.

Why to work with Stack-iT

The team at STACK-iT is highly experienced in tailoring innovative storage solutions for businesses and we have knowledge and experience around the seismic requirements for racking and shelving in Christchurch. This means we can provide expert advice on the best solution for you. We also offer a free, no-obligation design and drawing service if you need help figuring out the best layout to maximise your space. Contact STACK-iT for all your racking, shelving and storage requirements in Christchurch.



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