Racking and Shelving Auckland

STACK-iT has years of experience in supplying innovative, secure and efficient storage solutions in Auckland tailored to our customers’ requirements and needs. The team at STACK-iT has extensive knowledge and is ready to help you make the most of your space, whether it be a warehouse, timber yard, retail store or home garage.

Auckland’s Projects


Wiri Timber

Wiri Timber is a family-owned Auckland business that prides itself on being responsive and quick to adapt. The installation and use of cantilever racking allows them to excel in both these areas, as its design maximises their space and allows them to quickly and easily accommodate and move stock as different demands arise. Stock is much more accessible on cantilever racking due to there being no vertical obstructions, this also allows a greater variety of lengths to be stored on the rack minimising wasted space.

Tyremax Christchurch Warehouse Fitout, Pallet Racking, 12m High Pallet Racking, Tyre Storage


Tyremax is a fast-growing global tyre distributor company, and we have worked with them on numerous projects. They had a logistics challenge with multiple containers of product coming in, while simultaneously orders were getting dispatched, so they required a very efficient storage solution in place that would allow smooth flow of business operations. We executed the project in inside the allocated timeframe resulting in the least possible disruption to their operations.


Metalcraft Roofing

Metalcraft Roofing is New Zealand’s largest roll former and installer of building products. Their Hobsonville branch approached us with a requirement for a storage solution for their flashings. This rack needed to be able to be moved safely and easily. We designed a Mobile Cantilever Rack that can be moved around their warehouse to place in the desired location, the addition of PVC curtains on the end of the racks to protect their employees from the sharp flashing ends.

STACK-iT’s Storage Solutions

STACK-iT offers our full range of storage solutions designed for customers based in Auckland. These services include Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking, Moulding Racks, Shelving, Garage Shelving, Workbenches, Heavy Duty Workbenches, Storage Bins and Retail Shelving.

Racking Solutions

STACK-iT offers two Pallet Racking systems, our 5000 Series Pallet Racking and the 6000 Series Pallet Racking.


5000 Series

Our 5000 Series Pallet Racking is compatible with Dexion style pallet racking and is recommended for most warehouse environments.


6000 Series

Our 6000 Series Pallet Racking is generally preferred in higher seismic zones such as Christchurch and higher racking installations.

Pallet Racking Accessories


We also have a range of Accessories available for both Pallet Racking systems, such as End Bay Protectors, Post Protectors, Support Bars, Mesh Backing and Coil Rack/Cable Drum Brackets.

Why invest in great storage solutions?

Good racking solutions offer a multitude of benefits for businesses, particularly those involved in warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing. Firstly, they optimize storage space utilization, allowing companies to store more products in a smaller footprint, ultimately reducing the need for additional warehouse space and saving costs. This efficiency extends to improved inventory management, as racking systems enable better organization and easy accessibility of goods, reducing the risk of errors and the time needed to fulfil orders.

Additionally, good racking solutions enhance workplace safety and security by reducing the risk of accidents caused by improperly stored materials. They also contribute to a more efficient and streamlined company workflow, as products are readily accessible, making picking, packing, and shipping processes faster and more accurate. Overall, investing in quality racking solutions can have a substantial impact on a business’s bottom line by improving efficiency, reducing operational expenses, and ensuring a safer work environment.

Shelving Solutions

STACK-iT stocks four shelving solutions for various needs and different shelf applications. Good shelving solutions offer a multitude of benefits for businesses across various industries. Firstly, they significantly enhance organization and storage efficiency, allowing companies to maximize their available space and streamline inventory management. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and reduced operational costs, as employees can quickly locate items and resources.

Moreover, effective storage shelving solutions contribute to a safer and cleaner working environment for customers by preventing clutter and hazards. They also support inventory control and tracking, helping businesses minimize stockouts and overstock situations, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

V4 Garage Shelving Kit Category Page_1.jpg

STACK-iT Series Shelving

Our STACK-iT Series Shelving is our most popular shelving system, it is an industrial-grade product and is particularly suited for small warehouses, commercial and industrial applications and home garages.


Retail Shelving

Retail Shelving is most often used in Dairies, Trade stores and other retail areas. Great commercial shelving is essential for success in business as it increases the productivity at the store.


DR Series

Our DR Series shelving is a lighter shelf system and is recommended for garage, workshop and office space applications.

Office Shelving

Office/Panel Shelving

Our Office Shelving, also known as Panel Shelving is ideal for easy storage of books and files. It is also used in warehouse areas in combination with bins to create a small, easy parts storage solution

Why to work with Stack-iT

The team at STACK-iT is highly experienced in tailoring innovative storage solutions for businesses and we have knowledge and experience around the seismic requirements for racking and shelving in Christchurch. This means we can provide expert advice on the best solution for you. We also offer a free, no-obligation design and drawing service if you need help figuring out the best layout to maximise your space. Contact STACK-iT for all your racking, shelving and storage requirements in Christchurch.



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