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/Retail Shelving

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  • retail shelving ideal for trade & shop environments
  • simple to assemble for retail environments
  • very price competitive shelving

Our Gondola style retail shelving is especially popular with stores that cater to the trade & retail audience. Shelves can sit against the wall or be set up as islands that allow customers to browse down the isles and select their product. When it comes to retail, aesthetics are a key factor. We offer our shelving in either Arctic white or Dove grey, both of which compliment the airy, well-lit atmosphere that helps to encourage sales. Standard units come with four shelves that narrow at the top for a more attractive display. For practical purposes, Stackit retail shelves are easily accessorised with label holders, wire product restrainers and peg board backs for hanging bagged items. Installation is bolt-free and simply involves clipping the units together – ideal for retail use. Once assembled, the shape of the units makes them very stable so they do not need to be bolted to the floor.It’s a simple, affordable solution that looks great, and it works! This is a retail or display system that ticks all the boxes.

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