5000 Series Pallet Racking

/5000 Series Pallet Racking

The STACK-iT 5000 series Pallet racking system is a very cost-effective and user-friendly racking system designed for loads up to 1500kg per level and heights of up to 5.8 metres. This system is compatible with many existing racking systems offering a flexible solution to most warehouse situations. Upright frames are available in 2.4 metres, 3 metres, 3.6 metres, 4.2 metres and 4.8 metres and 5.8 meters high with depth options of 600, 900 and 1200 millimetres. The 5000 series standard box Beam length is 2743 millimetres between uprights allowing ample space for 2 x 1200mm pallets and enough leeway for the fork hoist to operate. Box beams are also available in 1370, 2400 and 3658 millimetres. Rebate beams are designed to take 24mm MDF shelf boards, and are available in 2743 and 1370 millimetres lengths. This is particularly advantageous when your requirement dictates that bulk pallets need to be stored directly above manually accessible picking levels. Mesh decks pallet support bars and leg protectors are available along with Moulding racks and other custom configurations.

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